Create a productive cloudops feedback loop

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re on a cloudops team is having end users go directly to your leadership to complain about some issue with the cloud-based systems. It could be performance, lack of some feature, availability, or a compatibility problem with a browser. You cannot fix or improve what you don’t know about.

Most enterprises with a cloud operations team don’t have good communications between the end users and the cloud operations staff. Indeed, often they get feedback from leadership, as end users elevate all issues early and often, resulting in a political tap dance that leaves everyone frustrated.

The focus of continuous improvement as introduced by the devops culture is to consistently look for ways the system and operations can do better. No matter if it’s just replacing a router to increase performance, or tuning a database, or pushing some process to an edge device, fined-grained activities should be done incrementally as they arise.

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